Warranty Policy

As of September 9, 2022 all Sakura Bloom products carry a 1 year warranty on manufacturer defects. All warranty claims require a valid proof of purchase from Sakura Bloom.

Products that have been purchased secondhand or are not purely authentic Sakura Bloom, meaning they have been altered in any way by anyone other than Sakura Bloom, are void of warranty coverage. 

Due to the nature of natural fibers and hand-woven products this warranty does not include normal wear and tear from use, fabric stains, fabric fading, dye transfer, fabric chewed by baby, scuffed or scratched rings, products that have not been cared for or washed properly, common slubs, nubs, or weaver's knots present in the weave of the fabric, snags or rips in the fabric from outside forces, or small differences in the measurement of the product. 

Warranty Inquiry

If your purchase meets the above qualifications, please contact us.