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All Sakura Bloom products originally purchased directly from the Sakura Bloom website or one of our authorized Sakura Bloom retailers carry a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects.

Due to the nature of natural fibers and hand-woven products this warranty does not include normal wear and tear from use, fabric stains, fabric fading, dye transfer, fabric chewed by baby, scuffed or scratched rings, products that have not been cared for or washed properly, common slubs, nubs, or weaver's knots present in the weave of the fabric, snags or rips in the fabric from outside forces, or small differences in the measurement of the product. Please visit our Mod Shop if your carrier falls into any of these categories. 

*Products that are not purely authentic Sakura Bloom, meaning they have been altered in any way by anyone other than Sakura Bloom, are void of warranty coverage.

Need help verifying if your Sakura Bloom is purely authentic? Learn more here.

Notes on what you'll need:

•    A photo of the white batch label on the carrier. This label needs to be unaltered and match the exact carrier in question.
•    Please have images ready to upload showing the area of concern.

If your purchase meets the above qualifications, please email hello@sakurabloom.com with the following information: 

  • Photo of the white batch label, please make sure the text is legible
  • Photo of the carrier as a whole
  • Photos of the area in question
  • Any helpful information on what the carrier, and what happened to it.


Other helpful links...

The Mod Shop

We do more that just make Sakura Bloom carriers here at our 5,000 sqft. San Diego workshop, we also fix them for you! There is enough waste in this world, so we're here to help keep your carrier in top shape and ready for adventure, rather than tossed into the landfill. Visit our Mod Shop!

Recycle Your Sakura Bloom

Have an older carrier that has seen better days and needs to be retired? Recycle it! In exchange for your carrier donation, you will receive a Sakura Bloom gift card towards a future purchase. Recycle your Sakura Bloom here.