Getting Comfy - Our Top 5 Scout Tips

Our Scout: What is it?


Our hybrid carrier designed for newborns - 45lbs. Comfy, easy to nurse in, versatile on the front or the back, it's no wonder it's our top selling carrier!

Here are our top Scout tips to help get your newborn cozy... ❤️

#1 - Fold the panel: Our Scout is super adjustable. With a little babe you want to fold the waistbelt to shorten the panel. If your baby is longer, no fold is needed. (You'll still want to wear it apron style). Your goal is to get them covered, with space for you to monitor their nose and mouth. 💫

#2 - Tighten, tighten, tighten: The more secure you fasten the waistbelt, the better. There shouldn't be much give when you pull a thumb between your waist and the belt. This is the foundation for your little one to "hang out" in and you want them to be supported!

 #3 - M's the word: The best, safest position for your newborn is to have them mimic a little M seat, with their bum low, their knees bent directly over their ankles, and squat spread against your body. This position is key for circulation, development, and overall comfort for you both!

#4 - Lean back, lean back: Let gravity do the work for you. Once you walk the panel up your little nugget, lean back while running your hands along the straps until you find the chest strap to fasten loosely. (Why loose? Because you will soon tighten the webbing which will add tightness)

#5 - Comfort, Kiss & Carry on:  Final checks. Your chest straps lie between your shoulder blades away from your neck. Does yours not look like this? You can easily change the strap settings on the inside of your straps! Make sure your baby is close enough to kiss, their airway is clear and visible, and carry on with your day! You got this!

Still need a helping hand? Would you like a fit check, or have a more specific question? We have a dedicated babywearing thread over in our community group, Unthreaded, so be sure to hop over there with any other questions. Plus, we are always happy to help via email, too! 💫 💫SoCal local? Visit us in person at our flagship for an in-person fitting!

Richelle is wearing our Scout  in Flax + Leather