How To: Wash Your Ring Sling

Washing your Sakura Bloom Ring Sling is easy! 

Whether your sling is made from silk, cashmere, linen, or bamboo, the care is the same. 

Get a little something on your sling but aren't ready for a full wash? Spot clean it.

Spot clean fabric when necessary with a gentle detergent and cool water, just be sure the detergent is free of optical brighteners, enzymes, and baking soda. 

Need a deeper clean? Wash your Ring Sling by following our simple tutorial below.

1. Unthread your sling.
2. Fill a basin with cold water and add little liquid detergent. You want something free of optical brighteners and enzymes.
3. Gently swish your sling around for 1 minute. It may lose some dye, that is ok.
4. Remove the sling from the water and gently squeeze or roll into a towel to remove excess water. 
5. Hang the sling to dry, inside and out of direct sunlight. If you sling is linen or cotton, you can pop it in in the dryer on the low setting (cover the rings with a sock so they don't scratch up). We do not recommend putting your silk, wool, or bamboo ring sling in the dryer as it will shrink significantly. 
6. Iron your sling on the hottest setting (it usually says linen) to get it nice, soft and floppy. We love using steam on our iron to really get those wrinkles out!

Note! Keep in mind that all of our slings are lovingly crafted from all-natural textiles, so just like a pair of black jeans or a colored t-shirt, each time you wash your sling, it may lose a bit of color.