5 Tips for a Comfy Onbuhimo Carry

Our Onbuhimo: What is it?

A waistless carrier designed to be worn high on the back so your little has the perfect forward facing view right over your shoulder. It's is a hit because of it's low profile on your body, and you're able to wear it on the front for cuddles too!

Here are our top Onbuhimo tips to help get you started... ❤️

#1 - Baby steps: Remember that the Onbuhimo uses muscles that we don't typically use that often and so just like carrying a heaving hiking backpack or doing a new workout at the gym, it takes time to build up these muscles. Start with short durations and your time comfortably carrying in the Onbuhimo will increase each time you wear it! It’s amazing 💫

#2 - High and tight: You want baby high and tight to your center of gravity. Basically the higher the better. That means doing a few bounces and rotating those shoulder straps forward and chest strap down, while tightening the webbing. Their shoulders should be up near yours.

 #3 - Chest strap placement is key: Don't be shy to play around with your settings. There are multiple loops in the straps to place your chest strap. Try moving the chest strap down a notch and see how that lifts the weight higher. The further away from your neck without pressing uncomfortably on your chest is the sweet spot. This is a common micro-adjustment everyone loves!

#4 - Panel shift: Remember that the back panel should be right under your baby's armpits, so if that means having less underneath them (between your back and their body) that's a better fit! Don't worry they're completely secure no matter how much panel is between you.

#5 - We're here to help you: Fit checks, more specific questions? We have a dedicated babywearing thread over in our community group, Unthreaded, so be sure to hop over there with any other questions. Plus, we are always happy to help via email, too! 💫 hello@sakurabloom.com 💫SoCal local? Visit us in person at our flagship for an in-person fitting!

Richelle is wearing our Onbuhimo in Flax + Leather