Best Onbuhimo Practices :)

Our Onbuhimo is a must have for parents on the go, who love to adventure with their littles, and love a sleek look that doesn't compete with their style. While simple in it's design, our Onbuhio is complex in how it functions. We're breaking it down for you and sharing some tips and tricks so you can get the most out of yours!

First things first - is your baby ready?

Our Onbuhimo is for babies sitting unassisted - usually around 5-6 months or the 15lb mark. Truly the most important milestone for your baby to be ready, is for them to be sitting completely unassisted, this is required for all carriers in the onbuhimo (front or back). If your baby can sit unassisted this means that they have to core strength the safely sit in the carrier with their airway protected, and you can go ahead and get them in the Onbuhimo! 

Back or the front?

Our Onbuhimo can be worn on the front or the back. The front is a cozy little place they can hang out heart to heart and provides access to breastfeeding (while possible in the Onbuhimo, our Scout and Ring Slings are our favorite recommendations for breastfeeding on the go). Once they get a little bigger, they might want to start seeing the world around them, which leads us to our favorite position - on the back!

Carried high on your back in our Onbuhimo your little one faces forward with the same view as you, allowing them to engage with the world around them while simultaneously keeping your familiar face, smile, and social cues in view. Riding high in the curve of your neck provides a safe space to cozy up, wrap their arms around you, and cuddle in for a snooze when the world in front of them becomes too stimulating!

Ooh! That's a new muscle group I didn't realize I had!

Remember that the Onbuhimo uses muscles that we don't typically use that often and so just like carrying a heaving hiking backpack or doing a new workout at the gym, it takes time to build up these muscles. Start with short durations and your time comfortably carrying in the Onbuhimo will increase each time you wear it! It’s amazing.

Which means: Waistless for the win!

Pregnant mamas rejoice. There is no waist band on the Onbuhimo! All the support comes from the rest of the carrier - which is part hammock, part backpack. The strength of our linens, silks and bamboo are what hold your precious cargo in place and leaves plenty of room to wear more styles of clothing - and yes, even an 8-month baby bump!

How high? Higher!

Getting baby high and close to your center of gravity is essential to a comfortable carry in the Onbuhimo. First - make sure the panel is nice and high up their back. This will make sure they cling to you more upright rather than pull away, straining your posture.

Another hot tip! (once your child is on your back):

Hook your thumbs under your straps and hoist the shoulder straps forward to get them even higher.  Giving a gentle bounce while lifting the straps helps too. Maintaining tension slide your hands out and then down all the way to the webbing. Tighten any extra slack created to keep the carry at this height.

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