Leather or No Leather, What Is the Difference?

What is the difference between leather and non-leather carriers? I can't decide what to get! 

We get this question a lot, so we're breaking it down for you...

At Sakura Bloom we offer our Scout and Onbuhimo carriers with or without leather. Soft and supple, our Italian leather is perfect for a baby carrier (yes, you can wash it!)

In a nutshell, the leather is mostly for aesthetics although it does add a bit more structure to the straps. We take great care in ensuring that our textiles are strong enough to support your precious cargo without needing extra padding or leather. Non-leather Sakura Blooms have a simple, streamlined look, crafted with our vegan conscious customers in mind.

Leather is an amazing option for many reasons. For one, it breaks in beautifully. Leather provides a little more structure on the shoulder strap. Because of the natural elasticity makes for a very comfy carry and this can really be felt in the chest strap. As you walk and wander in your carrier, the leather moulds to your body providing strength and give.

Truly, at the end of the day, if the leather option calls to you, go for it! Along with the visual aesthetic, we love the structure it provides. 

Insider tip: Did you know that leather is technically not hotter than non-leather? Our shoulder straps have leather only on the top while the linens, silk, or bamboo is what is underneath touching your body.

Shop Sakura Blooms in leather or non-leather here.