Pregnant Babywearing in Your Sakura Bloom

Each of our three styles of carrier are designed with pregnancy in mind. Our Scout and Ring Sling offer bump support and our onbuhimo offers bump freedom! Let us show you what we mean.

Scout comfort above & below

Our wide, soft waistband on our Scout carrier lays flat against any type of tummy. A flattering look or a welcome support for pregnant mamas. Wear it above your bump if you want a nice high carry that doesn't interfere with your waist area. Want that extra lift and bump support? Place it below and feel the comfort and relief.

Onbuhimo freedom!

Sometimes the best support is having nothing there at all! Our Onbuhimo is a waistless carry. Two words that mean so much to us pregnant mamas. No padding or clips to interfere with the life you're growing inside! Whether you want to show off your bump or just wear a cute pair of overalls without adding extra bulk, our Onbuhimo is an amazing choice for pregnancy.

Wrap your belly using a Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

Start using your Sakura Bloom Ring Sling before your baby arrives to get a cushy support of your bump! Added bonus, you'll start getting the hang of how the material threads through the rings, and how to loosen or tighten each side. A major new mom hack when you're ready to start using it on your little bundle.

Samantha and Harlow are wearing Sakura Bloom carriers from our Maven Collection