What do we mean by "rotate those hips"?

If you couldn't tell, we're kind of all about deep seats, and you should be too! The deeper the seat your baby has in a Ring Sling, Scout, or Onbuhimo, the more comfortable they'll be. Have you already mastered how to put your carrier on but still wanting a deeper seat? Here's some extra steps in getting your baby in the best deep seat yet!

Wait - what IS a deep seat?

See our little white "M" marked on the photos above and below? That's usually the spread-squat position you want your little to be making in a Ring Sling, Scout or Onbuhimo. Even in a legs-in carry, their bum should always rest below their knees.

Ok got it, now how do I "rotate" my baby's hips?

For the Ring Sling and Scout (Onbuhimo's tend to naturally make baby sit in a proper M seat already!) you simply lean forward, gently grasp their thighs, and lift up while moving your wrists in an upward motion. You'll know you're doing it right when you feel them sink lower into a hammock position, and their knees come up a little higher.

Once your baby finds that perfect seat, it will be comfy for both of you. This can be done at any age, from newborn to toddlers.