Trick to doing up your back strap!

There's a little hack we love teaching about fastening your back strap on your Scout when you're wearing your baby on your front. You'll be a pro in no time!

Step 1: Loosen side webbing before walking panel up

The key to it all? Make sure you loosen the webbing on each side of your carrier before you put your baby in! If you tighten the webbing too soon you won't be able to reach your back strap. That's all. Here's how to do it...

Step 2: Walk panel up and see if you can reach 

If you can reach the back of your neck to secure a necklace, you will be able to do this! Walk the panel up baby's back and hold taught until you reach for the back strap. With the webbing loosened it should be easy to access. If it's still out of reach, try one setting higher on the shoulder straps, there are seven different adjustments.

#3: Do the back strap up fairly loosely

Once you are able to secure the rings, do so fairly loosely and make sure not to over tighten! Once you tighten the webbing on each side your back strap will move from the base of your neck, and slide down between your shoulders - which will automatically pull the strap more taught.

#4: Then tighten one side at a time

This is where everything falls into place. By lifting your baby's weight and finally tightening the webbing on each side, the back strap will fall between your shoulders nicely. You want them to lie similar to where they are in the photo above. Not on your neck, and not too low, for optimal support.


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Richelle is wearing our Scout + Leather in Flax