Traveling Sakura Bloom Project

Sakura Bloom supports a community of parents, educators, birth workers, and professionals in gathering around babies and children through the practice of wearing baby carriers. We want to connect our community members and families with a hands on approach to exploring our carriers, the benefits of wearing, and building a space for education and feedback. We will send our carriers to members of our community throughout the U.S. For those who meet the eligibility criteria, the carrier will visit you for 14 days before continuing it’s journey to the next home. You will be responsible for shipping the carrier to its next destination once your 14 day loan is complete. *detailed shipping info will be provided if chosen. We will have 3 separate boxes of carriers that will travel from city to city...
  1. Ring Slings
  2. Onbuhimos
  3. Scouts
You will be able to try out a variety of textiles and colorways before shipping the box off to it's next destination. Unboxing will play a fun part in this, so we're looking for people who are ready to get creative and share their love of babywearing! Ready to apply? Fill out the form below by Monday, February 5th. If chosen, you will be notified with next steps by Thursday, February 8th.
Apply for the Traveling Sakura Bloom Project