7 Top Reasons to Use a Doula

Whether you're prepping for the birth of your first baby or thinking about new options for your next birth, you may be considering finding a doula to help you through the birth process. If you've been wondering about the benefits, look no further! Certified doula and owner of Portland Community Doula, Mal Warning is imparting all of our doula wisdom and top reasons why having one at your birth can be the best decision for you and your family. 

1. Providing doula support can help you achieve the birth you desire.

A doula can offer physical and comfort care through relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, massage, acupressure and position changes. 

2. A doula delivers a calm presence to hold space for your needs with reassurance and encouragement along the way.

Welcoming a new baby can bring lots of feelings out one of them being anxious about the birth process. Having a doula can help ease some of those overwhelming feelings by helping to prepare a birth preference list and talking through some of your fears of the unknown.

3. To instill confidence to trust your body and your baby

A doula can help provide knowledge for you to make informed decisions on your care so you can begin your new path as a parent with the confidence and enthusiasm that comes from knowing your birth experience was truly your own.

4. Continuity of care

A doula never leaves your side through your birth process.

5. Encourages partner participation

We know it increases oxytocin, our love hormone, which results in the feeling of well being and a higher pain tolerance, and keeps stress/adrenaline low. A doula offers your partner tools + tips for comfort measures as well as breaks, to sleep or eat and has the confidence in knowing the laboring mama is being well taken care of.

6. A doula is mothering the mother in all birthing choices

Whether that is vaginal, vagnial medicated or cesarian birth, a doula provides the support that benefits all of these experiences.

7. Having a doula you are more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth and less likely to
have any pain management such as epidural or fentanyl.*

Statistically mamas with a doula have a 31% decrease in the use of Pitocin, whether that
be for an induction or an augmentation, 28% decrease in the risk of cesarean birth, and
34% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with your birth experience*

If you're a soon-to-be mama, consider incorporating a doula into your birth plan and benefit from all the positive benefits! 

photos of Mal + family by Sommessa Photography


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