The Sakura Bloom Compassion Project: Sheroes

Introducing The Compassion Project. A charity initiative by Sakura Bloom.

As we close in on our 10th year anniversary, we find ourselves reflecting on this amazing journey that we’ve been on. The immense gratitude for all those who’ve touched our lives along the way, brings forth a longing to share these stories, these selfless acts of love and kindness with you, our community.

Giving back has always been a big part of Sakura Bloom - we have worked with many amazing organizations over the years, yet there is always a yearning and desire to do more, give more, love more. We have designed The Compassion Project to bring both a revolving awareness and financial benefit to some of the amazing organizations that we love both locally and worldwide.

We are humbled to introduce you to Sheroes' Hangout, the first beneficiary of the Sakura Bloom Compassion Project. Eric, the kids and I, visited Sheroes last week when we were in Agra, India… 

“Take Charge” is the slogan for Sheroes, the Agra, India based center that provides women with a safe place to rebuild their lives after being attacked by acid. Patriarchal injustice in Indian society has led to terrible acts of 'acid attacks’ on young girls who have ‘shamed' their family, or refused the advances of a gentleman caller. This unbelievable act was outlawed in India recently but it still happens, Too many girls have lost their lives, or suffered permanent disfigurement, the latter meaning they have an even smaller chance of working towards an independent life. Enter, Sheroes, a career centre for women, but so much more. It is a safe place to share experiences, knowledge, and build community with other girls who have gone through similar assaults and/or abuse. They also are picking up great momentum in shining the light on this problem for the world to see and we are eager to get them more attention. There are little words left to describe the feeling of meeting these incredibly strong young women last week, but with the few that we can conjure up, we hope they can inspire you to keep their story in your hearts and minds.

To honor the work that they are doing, Sakura Bloom will be donating a portion of our sales for the next three months directly to Sheroes Hangout.