The Common Thread // The Banach Family

We are so excited to launch The Common Thread, sharing the amazing things we have in common while highlighting the things that make us unique. Kicking off this project, we're introducing the Banachs. Lynne, Eric, Teja, and Jai are the heart of Sakura Bloom and we loved interviewing them below!

Name: Lynne Banach

My family includes: Eric, Teja (10), Jai (8), and Luna (our dog - she's 11). Anyone else think getting a dog was going to be great practice for having a baby? Ha!

What is unique about the wall I'm standing in front of: when we first moved to San Diego, we had a home office and, as I'm sure you all know, that can get distracting! Hello, dishes in the sink! So, Eric and I would often come here, to @coffee_coffee_leucadia to get in the zone. It's still one of our favorite places to relax and get work done when we need to really focus.

I'm from: Massachusetts originally, but now we're lucky enough to live and work in coastal San Diego. Our families live in Massachusetts and our slings are still handmade in our workshop there. :)

My role at Sakura Bloom is: Founder + Creative Director. Eric is my partner and Operations Director.

I spend 80% of my time at work brainstorming ideas and 20% in a frenzy trying to execute them.

The best thing about being a small business is: We've always loved having a mobile office because it allows us to spend time with our family. My kids go to a great little school in Cardiff-by-the-Sea that encourages travel and real-world experiences, and so, even though we have a physical office these days (a 145 square foot gazebo, actually!), we travel and we encourage our team to travel and explore with their families as well!

My favorite thing to do with the Sakura Bloom team is: lunch! and breakfast! It’s pretty much a part of everyone’s job description around here — must be ok with "business meetings" all over Encinitas to grab coffee, burritos, or fish tacos. Our very favorite place to eat is also one of my very favorite Instagram accounts — @fish101

People might be surprised to learn this about me: I actually have a degree in finance and had big dreams of trading stocks on Wall Street. I met Eric just a few months before my move - needless to say, I never made it to NYC... and I wouldn't change a thing!

The project that I'm currently most excited about is: our upcoming trip to India! Sourcing textiles for Sakura Bloom lines is my absolute favorite, and I can't wait to explore India with the kids!

If I'm snacking at work, I'm most likely having: Well, that depends! If Eric was so kind to send me off to work with something yummy then… Ezekiel bread with almond butter, blueberries, and a drizzle of honey on top! If I’m fending for myself that day… a pineapple + coconut muffin from @Pannikin!

My top babywearing tip is: Lock and key - the sling is the lock, and your baby is the key. Make sure you lift baby's weight to unlock the rings before adjusting (tightening OR loosening).

My favorite sling is: I don’t think I could ever pick just one. Silk has and always will be my absolute favorite, but I am kind of crushing on Birch right now.

Behind the scenes at Sakura Bloom looks like: Well, if you realllly want to know, you're probably already following us on Snapchat. ;) But basically our team of 5 works out of a small seaside design studio in Leucadia, California and our slings are made by hand at our workshop in coastal Massachusetts. We're a small business and we have a lot of fun, but are really focused to make sure that we are serving our customers and retailers in the best way possible with a product that is made in the USA and that will help improve and impact their lives.

We asked Teja and Jai (our resident mini-sling experts!)  a question, and were going to include one from Eric as well, but then realized that we had way more questions for him. Peek back in on Sunday for a special interview with the very first #sakurabloomdad for #fathersday2016. ;)

Teja and Jai, what are your first memories with Sakura Bloom?

Teja: "We were doing a Sakura Bloom photo shoot at a warehouse in Massachusetts. I remember mom was putting sling son a dress form, and Nana was there." (Teja was 2)

Jai: "I remember being in the car and mommy said, 'I have a surprise... Daddy is going to work for Sakura Bloom... and we're moving to Colorado!'" (Jai was 3)

This was so much fun! Can't wait to introduce you all to @the_common_thread and our amazing community!