Compassion Project, a benefit for Circle of Health


A benefit to aid in the efforts of Circle of Health International as they work to keep mothers and babies safe in the world's hardest places. 

The Compassion Project, a zero waste initiative. 

Thanks to our amazing community, together we raised $15,750 with every single penny being donated directly to Circle
of Health International as they work to keep mothers and babies safe in the world's hardest places, including our own US borders.
4 artisan weavers.
4 boxes full of textile scrap "waste".

4 one-of-a-kind Sakura Blooms to benefit Circle of Health International, who are working tirelessly to provide reproductive, maternal, and newborn health care in crisis settings around the world including right here at our own US borders.

We care about where our scraps end up. Which is why we sent four boxes of our silk, linen, and bamboo scraps to four talented weavers across the world. These were woven into panels that they shipped back to us to craft into four one-of-a-kind Onbuhimos to be raffled with 100% of the proceeds donated to COHI.  Read more about COHI's efforts here.

Watch the trailer, view the lookbook, and get your tickets below...

Hand-crafted from start to finish.

Each carrier is lovingly handwoven by textile artists, Maryanne MoodieMr. Blue Skye, Rhiannon Griego, Tiffany Lusteg

Tickets on sale Saturday August 17 - Tuesday August 20. Each ticket purchased is an entry for a chance to win that carrier. Winners will be notified via email Wednesday August 21.

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