4 Ideas for Babywearing Valentine's Dates

Ah, the season of love. February is without a doubt, love month. Valentine's Day is one of our favorite holidays, but we know that adding a tiny human into the mix can put a damper on your romantic night out. While you may not be able to have a candlelit dinner for two, we're sharing 4 ideas for babywearing dates that help you celebrate your love while keeping your little one close. 

Have a picnic

Sometimes, ok, lots of times, restaurants aren't fun with kids in tow. Pack up a picnic basket and head to your favorite grassy spot for some sunshine and snacks! We like to load ours up with cheap wine + lots of cheese from Trader Joe's!

Explore nature

Whether you live by the beach or in the mountains, Valentine's is the perfect excuse for a little exploration. Go for a walk by the seashore or hiking along your nearest trail. Fresh air makes everyone feel happy and rejuvenated.

Visit a museum

So many museums and art exhibits are kid friendly these days, Wearing them in your carrier is a guaranteed way to ensure no one whines about having to walk too much or being bored! 

Host a family-friendly dinner

Chances are you have friends in the same boat as you. Host an easy backyard BBQ or potluck at your home to keep it simple. Just make sure to keep that baby wrapped up so you have your hands free to prep!

The most important thing is you're spending time together and enjoying sweet baby snuggles!