3 Exercises to Help Prepare You for Babywearing

We always say that wearing a new carrier is like starting a new exercise routine. Just like with any new workout, you need to start slowly and build up your muscles. We've tapped Dr. Andra Philips, a prenatal/pediatric chiropractor in Petaluma, CA to share her best tips on preparing your body for babywearing. Dr. Andra Phillips is Webster certified, a gentle chiropractic technique for balancing the pelvis during pregnancy, and is currently working towards her Chiropractic Pediatric Certification, a 200 hour course specializing in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic. She works at a high-energy family chiropractic office that gets to serve and love on the families in Sonoma County!

There’s a lot of information out there about how to properly position baby while wearing, but as a parent you need to make sure you take care of your body too!

Protecting your spine and back musculature is important in all aspects of your daily life. To my knowledge, a spine transplant hasn’t been invented yet! Be aware of how you lift your little one, bend at the knees. Contract your core and try not to bend over with your back. Try to keep it symmetric. If you’re wearing a sling, Onbuhimo, or Scout make sure to change the direction your baby is facing (head turned left or right), so they are not consistently in one position. 

Whether you had a vaginal or a belly birth, ensuring your core is strengthened will help with overall stability when carrying your child.

Trust your body when starting these exercises, they should never be painful. Everybody is starting their journey at a different point, so start slowly and build up repetitions and complexity as your body is ready. I can’t guarantee they will give you a six pack, but these three exercises done with consistency will strengthen your deep abdominal muscles!

Belly bracing

  • Lay on back with knees bent. Tighten abdominals as if a bowling ball were about to be dropped on abdomen. DON’T hold your breath. Keep your low back flat on the floor.


  • Hold a plank position on your elbows with your legs spread slightly apart. Do not let your back arch down.

    Progressive dead bug

    • While lying on your back with your knees bent, slowly raise up one foot and opposite arm. Return to starting position and then repeat on the opposite side. Keep your low back flat on the floor the entire time.

      Which exercises helped you the most? 

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