Surf. Sand. Play.

It's simple, silks for summer!

We’ve known it for years but you didn't believe us, so we put on our science caps, started testing, and couldn’t be more excited to share exactly why we never hit the beach or pool without our Simple silk (no leather) in tow!

Don’t believe it? Watch the video below and then scroll down to learn more about using your Simple silk at the beach.


Which Sakura Bloom textile is the best for all of your beach + pool adventures?


We hit the beach and pool, letting our textiles soak up the salt, chlorine, and debris into the fibers of the sling. We then set out to remove that debris using a cold water vinegar rinse (more on that below).


As expected, our Simple silk was the breakout star. The slick, natural proteins of the dupioni silk work to help repel the debris, easily coming clean in the cold water vinegar dip. 

The other fibers - linen, bamboo, and Maven silk, which all have a more matte finish, allowed the debris to penetrate deeper into the fibers of the yarn making it more difficult to remove.


Scroll down for our Silks for Summer Top Tips, and learn how to do a cold water vinegar dip!

Top 5 Tips for Using your Simple Silk at the Beach or Pool

1. Vinegar Dip - it is very important to remove the debris from the beach or pool water after a days adventure. Watch the video below to learn how to do a cold water, vinegar dip, it's easy! NOTE: we do not recommend using vinegar on carriers with leather straps as the vinegar can ruin the leather.

2. The sun fades natural fibers, for this reason we love light colored silks for the beach. When not in use, leave your sling in your bag or tuck it under a towel. If it is wet, hang it to dry out of any direct sunlight.

3. Carriers without leather only. We do not recommend wearing a carrier with leather for a days adventure at the beach or pool as salt and/or chlorine can ruin the leather.

4. A little tip. As silk is an all natural fiber, more saturated colors can transfer some dye when wet so, for example, it's best not to wear a white bathing suit with your red sling.

5. A reminder that babywearing should never be done while truly swimming or floating - but for a day's adventure of splashing and cool dip wading at the beach and pool, your Simple Silk is perfect.

*Wondering about using any other textile sling at the beach or pool? That's our #1 FAQ and we're answering it below...

Can I wear my {insert any other Sakura Bloom carrier/textile here} in the pool or ocean?

Our Simple silk carriers (without leather) are the only carriers we recommend for a days adventure splashing at the beach or pool. 

That said, all of our carriers are amazing for summer! We are talking strictly about getting ocean or pool water on your carrier here. xo