Winter Seek. Raw Cotton + Leather

Seek: A Collection close to our hearts 

In November of 2016, our family journeyed to India where the Seek Collection was born. Since then, we've released five colorways in our Ring Slings and Onbuhimo - Tapri, Goa, Fiona, Coco & Lotus. (Take a peek into the history story of our Seek Collection here.)

This winter, we bring you seven new patterns of intricate raw cotton handloom in all three of our carrier styles. Yes, Scout + Seek finally meet!

What is Seek?

Raw cotton is hand spun and then masterfully woven on wooden looms into the softest cloth, making way only for intricately placed dots & lines. 

Hand spun and loomed by the hands of mothers in India, cut and sewn by the hands of mothers in California, and wrapped gently around babies by the hands of mothers across the globe. Designed to keep you and your little one cool in the summer and warm in winter, the Seek Collection is available for the first time in our signature Scout, Onbuhimo, and Ring Slings.

Shop Seek. In the shop Friday, 10am pacific time.

A couple of things:

1. View our Winter Seek Lookbook below.

2. We'll be playing our game show "The Sling is Right" over in our community group, Unthreaded, Thursday morning at 10am pacific time. It's super fun, we play for Sakura Bloom shopping funds! Hint: you might want to start memorizing our new Seek colorways now!

3. AND don't forget to enter to win a $300 Sakura Bloom gift card!