The Seek Collection

Women. Mothers. Teachers.
Spinning. Weaving. Creating.

These roles: are some of the most powerful. These actions: fabric that holds us. Together we’ve intertwined them to bring you, the Seek Collection.

Raw cotton is hand spun and then masterfully woven on wooden looms into the softest cloth, making way only for intricately placed dots & lines. Shadowy hints of natural dye along a sandy dune of cream.

Designed to keep you and your little one cool in the summer and warm in winter, the Seek Collection is Sakura Bloom’s first purely raw cotton ring sling. Hand spun and loomed by the hands of mothers in India, cut and sewn by the hands of mothers in California, and wrapped gently around babies by the hands of mothers across the globe.

The Seek Collection. In the shop - Tuesday, June 6, 10am Pacific time.

View the behind the scenes video below and peep the Lookbook by clicking here.