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Behind the Slings with Pro-Skater, Jimmy Cao

Behind the Slings with Esther Shokair

Captured: Week 20 // Dani + Jimmy

Gus is developing his senses even more profoundly this week.Catch up with the Aceinos with a journey into hissight, smell,sound, and new found strength...

Captured: Week Twelve // Dani + Jimmy

We are so happy to catch up with the Aceinos again after their beautiful trip to the Maine countryside. East coastshorelines, a charmingold house, and adventures in the wild...

Captured: Week Eight // Dani + Jimmy

Just two weeks passed, and so much to share. Milestones, poetry, camera gear tips (we know, we're also surprised they don't use magic to get these portraits), and a recent scare with bronchiolitis that humbles and strengthens their parental journey. Read the full interview inCaptured: Week Eight.

Captured: Week Six // Dani + Jimmy

Battling colds, doing bedtime with three kids, and finding time to share with your partner... all of this, Elliot and Asher's words on their little brother, and the surprising thing that has boosted Dani's milk supply and more in Captured: Week Six...

Captured: Week Four // Dani + Jimmy

How birding, hiking adventures, and social media are helping Danielle and Jimmy find balance as they raise a family of five in New Jersey in Captured Week Four ...

Captured: Week Three // Dani + Jimmy

A third week of Gus' life... Jimmy's adjustment to the return to work, the tricks that help mama Dani calm baby August, and Elliot and Asher on their baby brother in Captured: Week Three...

Captured: Week Two // Dani + Jimmy

With week two comes a sense of settling into a new life for the Aceinos... new personality traits, emerging baby features, and the moments that begin to establish a new norm...

Captured: Week One // Dani + Jimmy

Life is a balancing act during a newborn's first week - especially with two young toddlers at home! Join us as we see Dani & Jimmy welcome baby Gus home in Week One.

Behind the Slings with Krystal Donovan

Captured: Birth // Dani + Jimmy

Captured: Birth // Dani + Jimmy

Birth is transformative - both an end and a beginning - and the birth of August "Gus" Orion Aceino on the 13th of March was no different. Dani and Jimmy welcomed their third son to the world...


Captured: Pregnancy // Dani + Jimmy

Captured: Pregnancy // Dani + Jimmy

Parents to Elliot, Asher, and new baby August, Danielle and Jimmy live in northern New Jersey, where they balance life running a photography and illustration studio together. Follow along in Captured as we chronicle the end of their pregnancy...

Behind the Slings with Ashley Gartland

Behind The Slings with Amanda Booth

Behind the Slings with Molly Guy