The Best Textiles for Summer

Summer is just around the corner. There is so much to explore with your little one, which means you'll be needing a Sakura Bloom to get you there ;) But what happens when you wear your little personal heater all day? It can get warm! 

Let us break down our textiles for you, so you can choose the best carrier this season. 

SIMPLE // Rock solid support. Low profile. Everlasting.

Simple silk (dupioni) is our favorite textile for summer. You'll barely feel the weight of your baby on you and it breathes the best in hot and humid climates.

MAVEN // Breathable, airy. Looks like linen, but feels like silk.

Maven is an amazing summer textile. Being raw silk its woven structure moulds to the body with a super strong comfort. Looking closely up to the light, you'll see that the tiniest perforations helps air breath through beautifully.

THEORY // Cushy. Toddler-worthy. Cool to the touch.

Holding Theory, it will be more substantial than our other textiles - many call it sumptuous, cashmere-like, blanket-y goodness. It's made of bamboo however, so don't be fooled by the heavier drape. Bamboo breathes wonderfully in heat and is cool to the touch.


SEEK // Cottony softness. Hand-loomed beauty.

Seek being cotton is always a great choice for warmer months. You'll want this collection mainly because of it's beautiful hand-loomed artistry first, and support and comfort follows.

CHAMBRAY // Unique weave. Soft. Light.

Chambray is linen, but slightly more delicate of a weave than our Basic Linens. This is why we can double this (in a sling) and it still feels lightweight in the hand, and supportive on the body.

BASICS // Durable. Strong. Resilient.

Basics linen is our entry level textile that is easy to wash, breathes well, and holds it's shape during wear. You may find that heavier babes can be slightly uncomfortable after extended periods of wearing linen.

Note* Every textile we offer has to be strong and breathable - otherwise we wouldn't make it into a baby carrier! At the end of the day it's personal preference that will dictate your choice.

Listen to our founder, Lynne, explain her personal preferences and the differences between our textiles below!