Getting a Custom Fit with Scout

The Sakura Bloom Scout provides a custom fit for your newborn and your growing toddler. Designed to fit your needs, Scout has every custom fit feature we could ask for. This carriers sleek and simple design provides an ergonomic custom fit for babes 7-45 pounds. The versatility allows your family to enjoy adventures, or a routine trip to the grocery store. Let’s explore our top 5 custom fit tips for this one of a kind carrier.

Panel. Custom fit. Simple.

The discreet cinch for legs in or out creates an ergonomic seat for your baby. The sleek and simple panel is perfect for newborns or fully extends to toddler size. It’s snug and supportive design means newborns can ride without an insert too!

Apron Style, yes please!

This method of wearing the carrier shines for those who are new to wearing, or simply want a supported seat for baby and comfort for themselves. Place the panel so it hangs down and the warning label faces away from you, that’s all you need to be ready to welcome baby onto you! The perfectly placed seat darts help create an ergonomic seat as soon as your little one settles in. Less fuss? Yes, please!

That waist band, tho

What could feel better than a wide supportive waist band that keeps everything looking smooth, yet feels unnoticeable? The Scout waist band checks those boxes and more. It can be folded over to create a shorter panel, perfect for newborns as small as 7 pounds. The design allows for you to adjust placement around your waist so you find your sweet spot with each stage of development.

Baby bottoms ♥️

The placement of your little one’s bottom within the carrier affects how they settle in and snuggle into you for that secure, comfortable carry. Aim to have the top of the panel at your baby’s jaw line when they are newborn so their airway is visible. As they grow, the top of the panel will eventually hit near the top of their shoulder blades. The flexibility that Scout provides is truly a custom fit each time you wear.

Look at that deep seat!

That holy grail of wearing your little one! Settling your babe into Scout makes that deep seat attainable with such ease, you’ll never look back. The seat darts, the wide waist band, and the contoured panel shape all come together to make an ergonomic seat that your little one and you will feel great in.

Exploring each of the custom fit features will make you so familiar with your Scout carrier, you will know exactly when to reach for it.