How To Get a Nice, Deep Seat in Scout

Our #1 and Most Important Scout Tip!

Do the flip for a better sit ❤️

Many popular SSC (Soft Structured Carrier) brands have a waistbelt that sits flat and low on your hips. Therefore, we see many Scouts out there that are being worn in that traditional SSC style, without the waistbelt between caregiver and baby. Scout is a hybrid style carrier, so put the carrier on upside down to create a nice hammock and deep seat.

Simply flip it before they sit in it!

This is also called "apron style" - when you put it on, have it upside down, high on your waist, with the warning label facing away from you, and the panel seam at your belly button or above. Like so:

Secure the rings, your Scout should still be label facing out, then bring your baby on you, and start bringing the panel up around them: 


Here's a GIF to help you visualize it:

Then simply fasten your chest strap, and tighten as needed, and you're on your way to a cozier, comfy carry! Happy snuggles :) 


Richelle and Tiff are wearing our Scout in Flax + Leather