Why Silk Will Be Your Favorite Sling

“Oh, it’s so pretty and fancy. It seems so impractical! What if my baby has a blowout??! Isn’t it hard to wash?” These are pretty much a daily occurrence around here! Would you believe that silk makes for our favorite everyday sling?

With that in mind, we decided to do some good ol’ myth busting of our top three myths –

Myth #1 – Silk is so delicate! I hear it’s hard to care for.

Wrong! Believe it or not, silk is NOT delicate! Worried about a baby that spits up? Has blowouts? Need something that you can take for your toddler on a jungle hike on your tropical vacay? Machine washable silk should be your #1 grab. 

It seems like people don’t know how easy silk is to clean – in fact, throwing your sandy or dirty sling in the washing machine is totally encouraged! It makes your sling buttery soft and gives it a more matte, raw look, as well as softening the color just a tad, just like that favorite cozy shirt you’ve had since high school! Read to the bottom for instructions on how to wash your sling like a pro!

Myth #2 – Oh, that’s not practical – it just seems too fancy!

This one always cracks us up, because the raw nature of silk is what we love the most in our practical, everyday sling. This is not your grandmother’s slippery silk. Our dupioni is chosen for a number of qualities, not the least of which is its texture. Raw and natural, with character and dimension in its slubs and nubs: add the matte look achieved by giving it a wash, and you’ll find it’s basic enough to wear on the beach with jeans, and classy enough to wear to your uncle’s wedding.

Plus, it’s our lightest weight sling! Toss it in your bag on the go or even loop it around your neck like a scarf. Use it as a changing table, a blanket in the car, or even to sit on at the beach. There are no limits to the practicality of a washable carrier that you can wear every day! 

Myth #3 – I just think I need something breathable and cooler/stronger for my climate/big baby!

The number one thing we always tell people is that silk is a natural workhorse! The fibers are very short and strong, meaning that there is no stretch to it (the way longer fibers stretch), just a little bit of give… just enough to mold perfectly to your body but to remain strong and durable! Plus, it’s a natural fiber known for its breathability, absorbency, and thermoregulation. If it gets damp on the go, it dries super quickly, making it perfect for travel and home alike! This is the sling that will take you where you want to go, year-round, and all of the way from newborn through toddlerhood!

Machine washable. Here’s how to do it:

    -  Unthread your sling
    -  Toss it in your washer in cold water on the gentle cycle. If possible, try to use a liquid detergent without optical brighteners if you have a choice (they are gentler on colors and fibers!).
    - Hang it to dry (out of the sunshine)
    -  Steam iron on the hottest setting to remove any wrinkles and to soften it up again!

    Pro tip: if your kiddo sleeps in a room close to your laundry room, wrapping or tying an old sock around the rings can help keep them from banging against the side of your washing machine. For everyday maintenance, a cool, damp washcloth will do the trick!

    Heirloom quality textiles, simple and practical, and ready to complement every wardrobe. Um, yes. Forget the myths; silk Sakura Blooms are the way to go. Give them a try and give us a holler by telling us what you think; send your testimonial to: hello@sakurabloom.com.