Layering with your Ring Sling

This week, we brings you the "science" of dressing up with your baby, to keep warm these cold months ahead.

1. Dress yourself and your baby in lightweight layers. This builds in warmth to insulate you and baby. We love that it gives an option to layer up if the temperatures are low or remove a layer if you begin to heat up.

2. Wear your baby in the sling with a warm jacket over the both of you. An oversized jacket/maternity coat works great for this. Snuggling your baby next to your body will keep your little one warm, allow you to monitor their temperature, and prevent overheating.

3. Dress your babe in long socks, tights, or leg warmers paired with booties or boots to keep their little legs warm. Pants and footie pyjamas tend to ride up a little as baby sits in the sling, so dressing them in one size up will ensure that their legs are covered and have room for their little toes.

4. Be sure to choose a cozy hat for baby! We are really loving Lulu Luvs in Brooklyn.

5. Don't forget your winter boots! Waterproof boots with traction are a good choice to provide grip and stability while you are out adventuring.

Check on your baby often and enjoy! :)

Nicole and her daughter Lillie Sol are snuggled up in our Cashmere Noir sling while strolling the streets of NYC.