Upright Cradle Carry | Tutorial

The upright cradle carry is a great option for feeding, babies with reflux, the curious newborn who is happiest looking around, and of course, sleeping. It is also a favorite for sitting down at restaurants and airplane/train travel!

How To:

  1. Create a pouch by flipping up the bottom seam of the sling against your chest and tightening until the fabric is flat against your body. 
  2. Place baby inside the sling with their bottom first, legs toward the rings. Baby's arms should be on their chest and head up by your shoulder
  3. Holding baby securely, bring the slack of the sling from around your back and right next to the rings. Then lifting baby's weight, pull on the tail to tighten.

Important positioning points:

  • Baby should be worn snug to your body and high enough to kiss the top of their head without straining down. 
  • Baby's sweet face and mouth should always be visible with the sling fabric resting at the base of baby's head. Keep baby's chin off of their chest for a clear airway. 
  • Check on baby often and reposition your babe if needed. 
  • Always reposition baby back up into a kissable position after feeding. 
  • Baby's position should look like a checkmark with their head as the top of the check and bum/legs are the bottom.

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