Top Tips for Preserving the Life of Your Carrier


Preserving the life of your Sakura Bloom

We build our carriers to last you a very long time, but there are little things you can do to help them last even longer! Read our top tips for preserving the life of your Sakura Bloom.

1. Hand washing

We offer a few different ways to wash your carrier depending on the textile. However, handwashing is always the go-to. All machines are different and we can't control spin speeds or exact temperatures. Quick tip! Make sure you don't leave your carrier submerged or wet too long. Usually just a minute or so will lift most stains.

Click below for details on how to:

Wash your Onbuhimo or Scout

Wash your Ring Sling

Remove Stains

2. Lift up before you shift up!

This is super important regarding every carrier we have. Your carrier is a perfect symphony of weight meeting textile - simply put: your baby's weight locks in the carry.

Any time you adjust the rings in the Ring Sling, the waist belt on the Scout, or the chest straps and shoulder straps on either Onbuhimo or Scout, lift up before you shift up.  Lift baby's bum, before tightening or loosening any strap. 

This prevents the fabric rubbing against the rings or webbing too harshly, giving you an easier time adjusting and avoiding wear and tear on the fabric.

3. Storage

Just like you fold or hang your shirts and sweaters before putting them away, take the same care with your carrier. Bunching them up or leaving them threaded for long amounts of time can cause faster wear and tear on the parts rubbing together. Leaving your Ring Sling or Scout waistband threaded for quick ups each day is definitely ok, but if you're setting aside your carrier for the next baby? Simply unthread, fold gently and store out of the sun and extreme heat or cold.

4. Cleaning products

Your Sakura Blooms are made of fine, natural textiles. Using a cleaner that is enzyme-free and without optical brighteners is a must to keep your carrier looking its best. Here are our favorite, all-natural care products for you to keep your carriers in the best condition:

Soak Our favorite enzyme and optical brightener free detergent for all of your Sakura Bloom carriers. Other detergents we have tested and approved are Unicorn Fibre Wash and Ecos Free & Clear.

Leather Milk Our favorite leather conditioner for your Sakura Bloom Scout or Onbuhimo.

Buncha Farmer's Buncha Farmer's Stain Stick is our favorite for stains! 


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