Kangaroo Carry | Tutorial

So your baby is getting more curious and interested in the world around you... Did you know that you can wear your baby facing out in your sling? Yes, you can! 

The Kangaroo Carry is a great facing out carry for curious babies (4 + months) who have excellent head control, have some trunk control, and can push up off the ground while lying on their belly.

How to Kangaroo:

  1. Flip the bottom seam of the sling up against your chest and tighten, creating a pouch.
  2. Loosen the top seam.
  3. Place baby’s bottom down into the pouch with legs crossed or up.
  4. Tighten the sling until baby is really snug and secure against your body.
  5. Baby can have arms in or arms out (if baby is already sitting). Make sure the top seam of your sling is really snug. Enjoy exploring!