Facing Forward in Your Sakura Bloom

One of our most frequent questions is can my baby face forward in my Sakura Bloom? The simple answer is yes! But let's break this down into detail:

Peek-a-boo View: With our Onbuhimo

Our Onbuhimo is a waistless carrier (woohoo!), designed to be worn high on your back. When your baby is in the carrier correctly, their shoulder just about matches your shoulder height. This gives them that peek-a-boo, forward facing view without getting the stimulation that sometimes can come along with traditional forward facing carriers.

This is our favorite carry, because if they do get over-excited, or even fall asleep, you don't have to turn them around. On your back, your baby can simply snuggle into your neck or on your shoulder. Because they're seeing, feeling, and hearing you first, they feel safe to explore or retreat, all in the comfort of one simple carry. 

As a reminder, the Onbuhimo is good for babies who are sitting up completely unassisted. This is an important safety milestone.

A Kangaroo Classic: In our Ring Sling 

Our facing forward carry in a Ring Sling is called Kangaroo Carry. When you put your threaded sling over your shoulder, simply flip the bottom edge up against your chest to create a little pocket. Tighten that to your chest and slide your baby down into it bum first. Make sure they are close enough to kiss, and the sling is tightened around them snugly. Here's a video that explains more in depth: