Everything you need to know about: Theory

Everything we create starts with one simple, but very important ingredient: the textile. Supportive, soft, breathable - all of our slings have to hit these criteria before they go into production. We thought with the release of new Theory colors we'd break down this gorgeous, supple textile, so you can get to know as much about it it as we do!

Our Theory collection is woven of the bamboo kissed with just a touch of linen. This everyday favorite has a fluid drape and unmatched softness that rivals your favorite throw blanket. Bamboo is unique in quality as it is very cool to the touch and breathes wonderfully in all climates, making it perfect for all seasons. Add in the fact that bamboo is a sustainable resource and you've got us won over.

"My Reef Theory arrived today and I've never felt anything so soft in my life, besides my newborn baby's skin, 3.5 years ago! I am BLOWN away and can't wait for my second baby to arrive in August. Also, I intend to snuggle it in my bed tonight. I can't stop touching it!" - Misty

Theory's herringbone weave and heavier yarn makes it ultra-supportive. Again, all of our slings are designed to wear from newborn-toddler years, but try getting your little/big one in a Theory and you will see how much extra support it lends.

"I've used my Birch Theory every day this hot, hot summer and I can't stop saying how amazing the fabric is for this heat! It keeps me cool while wicking away any sweat my baby or I have! I love love love this sling for warm weather and can't recommend it enough." - Yolanda

Remember that because of the cushiness of Theory, the textile might take a little more time gliding through the rings. As with all of our slings, making sure to lift and support baby's weight before making any adjustments is key.

Caring for your Theory sling is easy. Here's a little video tutorial on how to wash your Theory, hop over to our Care page for our more detailed written instructions: