Everything you need to know about: Silk

Everything we create starts with one simple, but very important ingredient: the textile. Supportive, soft, breathable - all of our slings have to hit these criteria before they go into production. We thought with the release of new Silk colors we'd break down this gorgeous, workhorse textile, so you can get to know as much about it it as we do!

All of our Simple and Essential silks are woven of the silk cocoons forested from the mulberry trees of India. If you look closely at our dupioni silk you will see that the perfection lies in the imperfection of the nubs and slubs of the hand spun yarns. These silk fibers are short which is what helps to make the silk so supportive and comfortable. Allowing for the sling to have the tiniest amount of give without stretch, so that it molds perfectly to you and your baby every time.

Silk is our favorite recommendation for toddlers, for summer, and for anyone looking for that one sling to take them from the newborn days through the toddler years. It is incredibly lightweight, supportive and breathable. Silk's rock solid support, ability to dry quickly and low profile packability make it the perfect sling for any adventure. Oh, and it did we mention it is machine washable! 

"I choose silk for everything in general most of the time but silk is my favorite in the heat because it stays cool. My girl is 2 1/2 and around 30lbs and the support is perfect for any situation too whether it's the beach or hiking or just walking around." - Liz N.

"I'm from the PNW! I love silks, I find them the easiest to adjust, and I love the softness once they're broken in. Plus they make me feel so fancy when I'm in sweat pants!" - Judy J.

A little known fact: when Sakura Bloom first launched in 2006, all of the slings were crafted of silk (the Essential and Artisan collections) and each and every one was sewn by Lynne herself. She quickly found the most amazing woman (soon to be friend), Emilia, who sewed the rest of those slings all the way through 2012 - and the rest is history! :)

Caring for your silk Sakura Bloom is easy. Check out the video below to learn more about washing our silks - because we have a secret recipe to preserving the shine and all you need is a little vinegar! ;) Hop over to our Care page for our more detailed written instructions: