Breastfeeding in your Sakura Bloom

Did you know you can easily nurse baby in all Sakura Bloom carriers? 

Breastfeeding in your Scout or Onbuhimo

• Loosen each underarm strap and bounce gently to allow baby to scootch down a bit to breast level
• Help baby to latch
• You may need to continue to support the breast for them if they are very young and not sitting independently yet
• Move baby back up to kissable height as soon as they are finished actively suckling

Breastfeeding in your Ring Sling

• Use one hand to hug and gently lift baby while using the other hand to lift the top ring and tug slightly to loosen (the sling rings shouldn't go higher than your collar bone)
• Allow baby's weight to settle back into the sling and help them to latch
• Re-tighten where necessary to provide head support and a secure fit
• When baby is finished actively suckling, move them back to kissable height and adjust for support

Notes on Positioning

• If your baby is not used to upright nursing, it may take a few tries for them to be familiar with it
• Babies who don't have head and neck control can nurse upright but may need help supporting the breast the first few months
• The Onbuhimo does naturally sit higher and may not be more difficult 
for nursing for some baby/body combos. Baby should never be in the 
Onbuhimo if not yet sitting unassisted.
• ALWAYS ALWAYS move baby back up to kissable height as soon as they are finished actively nursing, they should never be allowed to sleep in any carrier at nursing height


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