Our 5 Favorite Reasons to Wear Your Baby!

From womb to sling, babywearing is an amazing way to connect with your new baby. Our Ring Slings and Scouts offer the coziest cuddles whether you want to get things done around the house, or simply stare in wonder and (hopefully!) peace.

Join us as we share some of our favorite reasons why babywearing is the most amazing tool to help you bond with your new baby!

Less crying

This might be the only reason you need! Studies have proven that small babies who are carried close cry less. (1) The hormones that comes from prolonged crying can stress both of you out. Once fed and changed, most likely your little just wants to be by you!

Just like the womb

Worn on the front, both our Ring Sling and Scout can feel quite similar to being in the womb. The gentle bouncing and swaying as you walk feels like a little hammock to your babe and might even lead to better naps. (That Sakura Bloom Sleepydust is not just folklore!) Our cozy linens, silks, bamboo and cotton textiles feel great between both you as well.

Social skills

When you wear your baby they experience the world just as you are. They are more exposed to language, sights, smells and more. This may lead to faster language development, and overall provides a safe amount of new stimulation as opposed to being closed away in a stroller or pack and play.

Heart to healthy heart!

Science is amazing. Did you know that being placed heart to heart encourages your baby to regulate their heart beat, temperature, and breathing rate in response to yours? It's true! (2) Babywearing also allows the caregiver to learn and recognize hunger cues more quickly, which can lead to better breastfeeding rates. Finally, a recent study even determined that babies and children can be impacted at a molecular level by the amount of positive touch and contact they receive. (3)  Absolutely fascinating! You can give baby all of these benefits while moving about life with them while babywearing.

Love and bonding for all!

Babywearing isn't just for moms. Dads, grandparents, siblings and other loving caregivers can bond with a simple switch of the carrier. Voices, scents, and body cues develop a long lasting connection between the wearer and the baby.

Babywearing, a must try for the whole family.



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