Scout vs Onbuhimo

Celebrating moments — First solid food. Learning familiar faces. Sitting up. As our babies grow we see them fascinated with each new sensation and experience. Holding them close in your carrier provides them a sense of security that fosters independence.

Our Scout and Onbuhimo carriers hold your little one as they transition from snuggles on your front to their new vantage point on your back. Each carrier has its standout features, so let’s explore benefits for each carrier and why you reach for each one from day to day.


The Scout carrier holds your 7-45 pound little one, on the front or back, without an insert. It’s simple, sleek design includes a perfectly adjustable panel, that can fold down to accommodate a smaller baby, and fully extends to fit your toddler. You can create a custom fit with a simple cinch tie located discretely inside the panel. This allows for smaller babies to be supported from knee to knee in an ergonomic position.

Scout also has a wide ring waist that moves with your body, becoming unnoticeable as it creates the perfect seat to support your babe. The waist band sits in a position that accommodates you and baby for every stage of wearing. The custom placement means the weight is distributed in a way that is most comfortable for you, and allows for longer outings as you explore together. It’s a great option for those times you know the sleepy dust will take over, but life keeps moving.


Our Onbuhimo carrier holds your 15-35 pound babe, once they can sit unassisted around 5-6 months of age. While it is designed for a high supported back carry, it can also be worn on the front with smaller babes. It’s a sleek waistless carrier that is perfect for quick carries, especially for those who may be pregnant or prefer to not have the weight on their hips or lower back.

The panel allows for a custom fit to create an ergonomic seat that supports them from knee to knee. The freedom you feel from its simple design translates to your little one enjoying their new connection with the world from a higher position where they feel included in your interactions. This style carrier supports baby’s weight over your center of gravity, which means easing into it can help your body adjust to using new muscles and adjusting your posture. We love it for babes who want “up” and “down” frequently and those who like the sleek look of less straps and less fuss.

While Scout and the Onbuhimo have their distinct benefits, there are several similarities as well. These include the various chest strap positions, the hood option for sleeping babies, the custom cinch panel, and the sleek design. Both carriers allow for breastfeeding, and our Scout carrier comes in handy with extended nursing too.

Overall, we love each carrier for their individuality and we reach for them in different situations.