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Aspen | Ring Sling

Our Basics Ring Sling

Our Basics. The softest linens, hand dyed + tumble dried in LA. Balanced perfection, the ultimate in single layer linen support. Each carrier is crafted in our coastal San Diego workshop. 

One size, adjustable. Use with babies 7-35 pounds.

Why Linen

A timeless classic. Woven from spun flax, linen is one of the most sustainable fibers in the world, and has been prized for millennia for its beauty, strength, and versatility. Soft, breathable, and supportive, linen has a whole host of interesting qualities.

Did you know that linen is about five times stronger than cotton, is naturally anti-bacterial, and actually gets stronger when wet? Talk about a perfect textile for a baby carrier! Add in the fact that linen is also thermo regulating, which means that it works to keep you warm and cozy in the winter and cool and dry in the summer, and it's really a no brainer. Learn more about our linens here.


Simple to use, just cinch and go. Watch how here.

    One size, adjustable. Use with babies 7-35 pounds.

      Enjoy 1-on-1 personal support from our on-staff certified babywearing educators in our community group, Unthreaded.

        Our process. Learn more here


          Simple returns, read more here.

          Made in California. Take a peek inside our coastal San Diego workshop and meet our team.

          Our Ring Sling, what is it and why do we love it so much?

          The Ring Sling is the most versatile carrier that allows you to nurture the connection with your little one. From the moment babies are born they love to connect with you and find that comfort while being worn in the ring sling. It is designed to be a custom fit each time it is worn and perfectly supports their body in a secure and ergonomic position. It is best suited for babies from 8-35 pounds, and can be worn in a variety of ways to carry your little one.

          The Ring Sling feels like a second set of arms as your newborn drifts off to sleep. It’s the perfect cocoon to snuggle your toddler in between those big moments of finding their independence. It’s lightweight, simple, and portable design makes it the perfect carrier for day to day family life or on-the-go adventures. Depending on what developmental stage your baby is at, you can wear them tummy to tummy, breastfeed or bottle feed, hip carry, and more! They can look around and explore their surroundings as their minds and hearts absorb these experiences in the comfort of your embrace.  Your ring sling is a key part of caring for your baby through toddlerhood, and keeps them close as you nurture their independence, development and confidence.