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Wholesale Terms


All companies must sign this Terms of Trade agreement and fill out a New Account Application before we will process any order. All credit information provided is kept confidential.

Minimum Order. We require a $300 minimum order. Shipping not included.

Retail and Pricing

  • Sakura Bloom requires that all of our retailers sell our slings at MSRP or higher. We do not allow price discounting of any kind.
  • Sakura Bloom slings are to be sold only through authorized brick and mortar retail outlets; we do not allow selling on third party sites such as Amazon, Facebook, Buy Sell or Trade Boards,, Ebay or the like.
  • We do not allow online sales in the US. Sakura Bloom is the exclusive online retailer.
  • We do not allow soliciting of sales through Facebook groups, online chat groups, etc.
  • We do not allow cross border sales between the USA and Canada.
  • We do not allow any pre-sales on newly released products. If you don't have it in your hand, you cannot sell it.

Payment Terms.

Our payment terms are as follows:

  • We accept credit card payment.
  • We do not offer consignment.
  • Remit payments to Sakura Bloom, 270 N El Camino Real, Suite F233, Encinitas, CA 92024.
  • Sakura Bloom reserves the right to take legal action on outstanding accounts after two good-faith efforts to secure payment from the retailer
  • All returned checks or stop payments will be charged a $25 insufficient funds fee.


  • When your order is shipped you will be notified.
  • Freight and handling will be added to invoices upon shipment.
  • All orders will be shipped from Massachusetts.
  • Please allow a 15 day shipping window; items will not be considered late until after 15 days from shipping date.
  • Goods that are refused/bounced when shipped within the window will be charged $15 plus the price of shipping.

Exchanges, Returns, or Claims. Sakura Bloom offers exchanges under the following premises; we do not offer refunds.

  • Should your order be incorrect, please contact us to resolve the problem. If it is our error, we will pay for shipping both ways.
  • Should you ever receive a damaged sling, we will replace it. We will also cover shipping both ways.

Cancellation and Changes. Cancellations and changes will be accepted up to ten days from the date of order.

  • Goods that are refused/bounced when shipped within the window will be charged $15 plus the price of shipping.
  • Refused goods that are re-shipped will be charged double shipping and handling.


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