San Diego, CA - Summer 2017

Mr. Blue Skye x Sakura Bloom: Series III. Hand-dyed on 100% Enjoy the look book, shot on location in Little Italy, San Diego. Shop opens Wednesday, May 10th, 10am PDT. Colors named by Mr. Blue Skye (pictured above left) at the start of each section.

Galactic: Created on a Dupioni silk canvas, Berry merges with indigo in a otherworldly palette of wearable magenta.

Aquamarine: Ocean inspired wavelengths mimic the indigo and teal dyes making a bright and wearable cyan hue.

Mother Earth: Soft greens and blues intertwine around harmoniously as if you were to see our planet from above.

Desert Inspired: Surprising peach tones give warmth to a minimalist landscape of succulents and endless skies.

Take a peek at our Lookbook video below: