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Using your Sakura Bloom sling safely is easy. Read our safety instructions carefully and be aware of safety issues each time you use the sling. With practice and mindful use, you should have years of comfortable and safe slinging.

  • Practice, practice, practice. Get very comfortable putting your child in and taking them out of your sling.
  • Properly position your child in the sling. Make sure your child has:
    • Good airflow.  Make sure that baby’s chin does not drop to their chest. Check the positioning of sleeping babies to make sure that their airflow is not obstructed in any way.
    • Proper alignment of their head and neck.
    • Comfortable positioning of their legs, feet, and arms.
  • Your Sakura Bloom sling is professionally made, but you should frequently check the seams and fabric for wear and tear.
  • When in doubt, tighten the rails.  A snug baby is a secure baby.
  • Be careful using the sling in all situations, but especially while cleaning, exercising, in bad weather conditions, or in difficult environments indoors or outdoors (e.g., stairs, steep or slippery terrain).
  • Do not use the sling in certain situations -- while cooking, doing strenuous exercise, riding in or on a vehicle, or if the structural integrity of the sling has been compromised.
  • Use common sense.  Be smart, be loving, be safe. XO