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Mr. BlueSkye x Sakura Bloom, Vol. V

Over the last two years we have released four collaborations with our friend and textile artist, Rachel Ehlin-Smith aka Mr. Blue Skye. Each collection different from the last - we've never quite been able to keep them around for long. So, for the fifth time, we thought we'd ask Rachel to bring back some of her magic...


Rachel has chosen our signature dupioni silks as her canvas - dreamily hand-marbling these unique silks one by one in her Little Italy, San Diego studio. Swirls of peaches, blues, greys, yellows, and greens come to life as each piece of silk is lifted from the water, revealing it's own unique pattern.

Separated into three main colorways,

each carrier is numbered and one-of-a-kind. Paired with our Italian leather and gold hardware, this collection includes all three carrier styles Ring Slings, Onbuhimos, and Scouts.

Luxurious yet laid back; these one-of-a-kind works of art weave the natural world in with your baby and you. 

Mr. Blue Skye Vol. V drops in the shop Friday, September 14, 10am PST.