Joshua Tree, CA - Winter 2016

The raw beauty of the Joshua Tree desert is truly the place that the work of Rachel Ehlin-Smith (above) is magically mirrored. Known as Mr. Blue Skye, Ehlin-Smith carefully hand wove each of these pure silk slings, one raw thread at a time. After gathering fallen flora from her local neighborhood, she boils the soft hues into child-friendly dyes. Each of these 5 slings is meticulously hand crafted yet stands up to the daily wear of keeping your little one close. Enjoy the look book, shop opens Wednesday, November 16 10am PST. Colors named by Mr. Blue Skye at the start of each section.

She's a Queen
Blushes and corals invigorate this queenly piece, dyed using rose, cochineal, eucalyptus, and carnations, vibrantly lighting up the sky like a radiant sunset.

Happiness is Happening
Sunshine is captured shining through a perfectly mauve palette. Marigold and hibiscus are complemented by the cochineal and eucalyptus accents that bring this joyful piece together.

Keep Your Face to the Earth
Rustic and earthy and inspired by the ancient wisdom intrinsic in the land and sea, these colors are melded from gatherings which include indigo, eucalyptus, geranium,and iron. Strong, bold, and in the same sense, simple.

Feel the Night
Rich shades of dusk rapidly approach in this foray into twilight moments, the complex color palettes of marigold, quebracho, and logwood evoking powerful emotions and energy.

Mountain heights seek new elevation set against the manzanita jungle of Arizona. Marigold and iron meet quebracho and logwood, perfectly formed into the iconic peaks of this sling's namesake. 

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