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Desert Collection, Vol. IV

Just south of the Elfin Forest in San Diego, master weaver and fiber artist, Jean Degenfelder, is creating magic from her cozy mountain yurt overlooking Lake Hodges. For over 30 years, Degenfelder has been curating colors and patterns, weaving thread into gorgeous textiles and wearable art.

The American Art Festivals, Sacramento, San Diego, and Santa Monica; Contemporary Craft Market, Santa Monica and San Francisco; Festival of Arts, Tempe, Arizona; and Great Arts and Crafts Festival, Las Vegas, are just a few of the venues Jean has shown her work.

Perfect for all climates - each Desert Collection carrier is hand woven of the softest bamboo kissed with just a touch of cotton, and paired with our Italian butterscotch leather and brass hardware. Each individually hand-loomed to perfection by master weaver and textile artist, Jean Degenfelder, and crafted into Onbuhimos + Scouts here in our San Diego workshop. 

Desert Collection Vol. IV in the shop Wednesday, 10am pst.