Comparing Our Textiles

Choosing your Sakura Bloom Carrier is an exciting decision. We want to help you choose the perfect carrier to hold your baby close.

All Sakura Bloom carriers are crafted in our California workshop of fine, natural fibers. Each textile is soft, supportive, and breathable - choosing one is simply a matter of preference, you truly cannot go wrong!


Simple Silk- Made from dupioni silk, this collection is where it all began. Simple Silks are thin and lightweight, allowing them to pack up small, but their double layer makes them supportive for even the biggest toddlers.

Basics - Made from the softest hand-dyed and tumbled dry linen, thiscollection is perfect for all seasons. Basics have that classic linen texture and are pre-washed and tumbled dry making them soft and floppy.

Maven - Made from matka silk, this collection boast a beautiful raw texture. Maven is the strength and lightness of silk, with a similar texture to linen. It’s flexible fibers make it a comfortable carry for all babies.

Chambray - Made from two contrasting colors of smooth, fine linen yarns, this collection is lightweight and perfect for the heat. Chambray is a silky soft texture, and double layer is supportive yet breathable.

Theory - Made from bamboo, this collection is extra soft and cozy. Theory is soft like a cushy blanket, and is wonderful in all climates thanks to the thermoregulating qualities of bamboo. Theory may be our heaviest textile, but even on the hottest days, it is cool to the touch.

Covet- Made from tussah silk, this collection provides a strong and supportive carry. Covet is a beautiful textured silk that is soft yet sturdy. It’s double layer requires time to break in, but is easily done with love and wear.

What's the Best Textile for Summer? Our founder, Lynne Banach, takes you through each of our collections explaining her thoughts and advice for summer!