Caring for Your Onbuhimo


Keeping your Sakura Bloom onbuhimo fresh and clean is easy. Follow our simple care instructions below.


Get a little something on your carrier? Spot clean fabric when necessary with a gentle detergent and cool water. 

Need a deeper clean? Follow our detailed written instructions below for washing your linen and leather Sakura Bloom onbuhimo.

1. Handwash in cool water with a gentle detergent without any optical brighteners, or you may wash in the washing machine on DELICATE, with COOL water.

2. Hang to dry out of the sun. Steam iron the linen, if desired.

3. Condition leather using a small amount of leather conditioner on a clean, dry cloth (preferably white). 

TIP! Conditioning your leather straps once a month, or so as needed will keep it soft and looking its best. 

We likeTHIS leather conditioner andTHIS detergent. 


To preserve the life of your onbuhimo follow our storage recommendations below.

For Everyday Storage - We like to keep our onbuhimos hanging by our door, ready to go, keeping them out of direct sunlight when not in use. On a hanger in the hall closet or bedroom helps preserve the straps evenly. 

Long Term Storage - If you plan to store your onbuhimo for an extended period of time, we recommend not folding the leather straps as to not crease it.