Authenticity Verification

Purely Authentic, Sakura Bloom

Over the past thirteen years, we’ve built a company and community filled with love and support - focused on trust and our shared love for wearing our babies in Sakura Bloom carriers. Your confidence in us, and in the safety and structural integrity of our carriers, is something that we take very seriously. 

In this spirit, as of Fall 2019, all Sakura Bloom carriers will come with a Lifetime Warranty on all manufacturer defects. 

We want to be clear that Sakura Bloom does not condone any alterations made to our carriers by anyone outside of Sakura Bloom, and that the altering of a carrier in any way will void the carrier’s warranty. Your baby's safety is very important to us, and we feel it is our responsibility to help you understand why having a purely authentic Sakura Bloom carrier is important, the same way having an authentic safety-tested car seat is.

Authenticity is a key element of safety. We want each and every member of our community to feel confident knowing that the Sakura Bloom carrier you are purchasing for your baby is purely authentic. Meaning it has been…

  • crafted start to finish right here at our California workshop by our in-house team of professional cutters, seamstresses, finishers, and quality control agents.
  • rigorously tested to comply with all current US government, ASTM, and CPSIA safety standards.
  • passed through our detailed in-house quality control process that flows throughout our entire production line and then again with the finished carrier in a 76 point assurance test.
  • produced of no other components than the ones chosen, tested, and approved by the Sakura Bloom production team.
  • stitched on Sakura Bloom’s own computerized industrial strength machines - customized to create specialized, enforced stitches needed for added strength and safety to support the weight of your child.
  • labeled for authenticity purposes so that you can feel safe knowing that the carrier you are purchasing has not had any unauthorized alterations.

In the spirit of providing our community with the tools necessary to distinguish a purely authentic Sakura Bloom carrier. Starting with Fall 2019…

  • each Sakura Bloom carrier will be labeled to include each component variant so that you feel confident knowing that the carrier you are purchasing has not had any unauthorized alterations. Date of manufacture, carrier style, collection, colorway, leather color, ring color, etc.
  • any Sakura Bloom that comes through our workshop for alterations will be labeled with the date and alterations performed by our official in-house production team. 
  • you may recycle your pre-loved Sakura Bloom with us. Have a carrier that has seen better days and is ready to be retired? Recycle it! In exchange for your donation, you will receive a Sakura Bloom gift card towards a future purchase. 
  • if you have a question about the authenticity or structural integrity of any carrier, please email us.

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