Ashley Gartland

Ashley Gartland gets it. Momlife in today's world can be stressful, exhausting, emotionally and spiritually draining and can leave women feeling like they've given up important aspects of themselves, even while feeling the immense gratitude and joy that comes with having children. As a professional Life Coach and the mom of two little girls, she knows the vital significance of practicing self-care as much as she knows the demands and stresses of modern parenthood. We love Ashley's approach to getting in touch with (or staying in touch with!) one's own needs, desires, and passions as a way to radically improve not just your own life, but also the lives of everyone in the whole family. For our first interview of the new year, we thought it would be the perfect time to talk with this wise woman, and get a few insights that will carry us through our own motherhood journeys in 2016 and beyond.