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Goa + Leather | Onbuhimo | Seek Raw Cotton

About our Goa + Leather Onbuhimo

 Hand-spun, hand-loomed raw cotton lined with our Flax linen
• Chest + shoulder straps lined with leather
• Removable sleep/sun hood included
• Easy to wear on your front or back
• Wonderful for babywearing while pregnant
• Good for babies 15 - 35lb., who are sitting unassisted
• Lifetime Warranty
• Made in California
• Patented by the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office
• Certified hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
• Lab tested to meet the ASTM F42236-16 standard
• CPSIA compliant

Please note. We craft everything in small batches here at our workshop, be sure to check the estimated ship date as most things are preorder, meaning they are in production and ship when they come off the floor.

About our Seek Collection

Raw cotton is hand spun and then masterfully woven on wooden looms into the softest cloth, making way only for intricately placed dots & lines. Shadowy hints of natural dye along a sandy dune of cream. Learn more here.

This handloom textile is full of character and variation, it is not a perfectly woven cloth on a machine. Expect weavers knots, skipped threads, different placement of stripes, etc. It is all part of the charm of Seek.

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