Jasmine, on Memory. Sling Diaries, Vol VII.

The Sling Diaries, Volume VII. A photo-documentary chronicling the art of baby wearing in the lives of families around the world. Over the course of six months, Sling Diarists will create their own Sling Diary though a series of diary entries interpreting a unique theme given to them each month.

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Memories become the culmination of a life lived.

The highlight reel we find ourselves playing in moments of stillness. The bittersweet, completely heart breaking, lovingly cherished and the most awe-inspiring, all kept neatly tucked away. Waiting for a moment to remind us of the things we value, the things that shaped us, broke us and finally made us who we are in this moment.

Each season past contains moments that have created memories. Whether they were created in or out of our control, each season leaves a mark and carves clefts in our hearts. Most changes during the seasons are out of our control.  It is as if the seasons in nature are mimicked in our own lives, the ever-changing ebb and flow of change grows familiar and some-what hopeful.

As life finds its rhythm, it becomes easy to pass over the details found in the small and seemingly dull. The ‘next best thing’ is what it’s all about.

And though the ‘next big thing’ is not inherently negative, if it becomes the sole identifier of a life well lived, we will find ourselves looking back on a life lived narrow. 

Valuing those small, seemingly insignificant or not quite picture perfect moments actually create a vast and interesting pathway of a life lived wide. 

Swooping to the left and the right to wander down a road less traveled is valuable. Doing things in a way that looks different to those around you is valid and important. Choosing now, to create a certain life for you or your family is not second rate. Living for something beyond your own gain or benefit does matter. 

Amongst the memories I collect, I have concluded it is not enough for me to have a lived a wide life of my own. To have achieved my dreams and filled my life with collected moments and memories. 

My question becomes this: What legacy am I leaving behind? What goes on beyond my days? What memory of my life would be on display, before an audience of one or the world?  

Would my collection of moments be summarized as a life lived wide, not content to build castles? Would my life be covered with joy despite the content of the season? Would it look like people matter more than things? Would it look brave? Would it look at all like Jesus’?

I want to consciously take hold over the things I can control and choose to make decisions that will create the life and person I hope to become. A life that makes a way for the legacy I dream of leaving. 

I make the little decisions, I stop often to reflect, I aim to take the road less traveled and make hard decisions, even the ones that hurt, so that one day, when I look back, I see something more than myself.

I see unexplainable moments of greatness birthed from the simple. A simple yes or simple smile, a simple ‘how can I help you?” 

I don’t think it takes much to leave a mark or carve a cleft into someone’s life.

So whether we find ourselves making memories from half way around the world or from the glory of our own backyard. Let’s be intentional with our lives. Collecting moments not things. Living for now, all the while leaving a legacy.

If you fight for it, your life will have a flavor the sheltered will never know.


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