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Meet the Team // Cassiopeia

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As our resident babywearing educator and Marketing Communications Manager, Cassiopeia is involved with planning and executing dream projects and events, meeting amazing people, and supporting families in their babywearing journeys. Cassiopeia is mama to two and has been using a ring sling since her oldest was 2 weeks old.

Name: Cassiopeia

I'm from: Poway, CA

What is unique about the wall I'm standing in front of: This wall is right next to where my husband I got married in 2008 in the park along the San Diego waterfront!

My family includes: my husband, David, our two kids, Xander (6) and Jasper (3) and our two wheatens.

My role at Sakura Bloom is: Marketing Communications and Education Manager

I spend 80% of my time at Sakura Bloom connecting with and teaching the most amazing community of parents and 20% of my time visiting the coolest coffee shops and beaches in San Diego for staff meetings and development!

One of my favorite things about working for Sakura Bloom is: being able to meet families everywhere to help them get comfy in their slings! Oh... and helping with textile sourcing, of course!!

The most common question that I get asked is: So what exactly do you do?  And the answer is: Where do I start...?? :)

My favorite thing to do with the Sakura Bloom team is: noms-and-ideas time. We love food and probably go to breakfast, coffee, or lunch at least 3 times a week. :) We also do walks by the beach, occasional drives, and visit local retailers. It's a lot of fun to work with a team that is so collaborative... and foodies, just like me! I'm pretty sure I know every place in North County Coastal that serves egg and avocado toast!

The project that I'm currently most excited about is: Unscripted - can't say anything else about that just yet, though. ;) I'm also absolutely adoring Captured with the Aceino family and The Common Thread!

If I could go anywhere in the world for a dream photo shoot, I'd choose: the Yucatan peninsula! Okay, that's really just the top place I'd want to go. A dream photo shoot location would be Greece. Yeah, I just want to go there too. :)

My favorite sling is: Tulum - it is my littlest's favorite sling ("the BLUE ONE, Mama!") and I adore the breathability, softness and supportiveness of washed silk!

The strangest thing I ever discovered in the bottom of my sling was: a Star Wars Lego minifigure.

A unique thing that I bring to the Sakura Bloom team is: I have a background in curriculum development and worked in classroom education and teacher development in my pre-mom life. Once my baby was born and I was confidently wearing him, it was a natural progression for me to teach others. Being a certified babywearing educator really fills my bucket!

Something that people would be surprised to know about me is:  Well, I was raised in a pretty adventurous home... I got my first climbing harness when I was 3 and was a member of the National Speological Society when I was 6. Some of my memories at 10-11 years old are from leading tours as a junior tour guide for California Caverns and rappelling into wild caves with my family!

Just love having you on our team - thanks for all you do, Cassiopeia!


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