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The Common Thread // Diandra

June 30, 2016

The Common Thread. A Sakura Bloom photo documentary celebrating the commonalities that we share through the capture of what makes us unique.

We are excited today to introduce @diandratoyos, Diandra Toyos.

Name: Diandra Toyos

Kids + Ages: Julisabel Violet (3.5), Noah Emmanuel (10 months)

Where you live: I grew up in Oregon (Ashland and Brookings!) but now reside in La Mirada California (LA county). I will always consider Oregon my home.

What is unique about the wall you're standing in front of: it's in the middle of my small town, and I think it's beautiful. I live in a small, no fuss town, but this little mural wall is such a bright spot.

I spend 70% of my time taking pictures of my kids on my iPhone, and 30% of my time: deleting pics so I have room to take more.

The strangest thing I ever discovered in the bottom of my sling bag/purse was: I'm really particular about my purse... I empty and reorganize it regularly. So probably the strangest thing I've found is the little toys that my daughter likes to try to sneak into it my purse. She always likes to have one handy. Usually I find them and it makes me laugh.

When I'm celebrating, you'll find me eating: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! and drinking: Izze drinks. So good.

If I could have any superpower, it would be: teleportation. Because think of all the awesome adventures in an instant.

Making pancakes on the weekend, I'm listening to: Taylor Swift. While dancing. No shame.

If I got pulled over for speeding, I'd most likely be listening to: Luke Bryan. And singing loudly. Probably car dancing too.

If I could spend a month making the world a better place, I'd: do it. For sure. I have always had a passion for helping people, and spent a large part of my life working with teenagers... Often in really tough situations. I would love to help teenagers who feel like no one loves them. There are so many.

The most inspiring Instagram feed I follow is: @thegraygang. I love how she documents life without perfection, but with complete love and truth.

My top tip for a new parent: soak it up. Don't worry about perfection, or sleep. Just soak it in and take tons of pictures. Embrace the chaos.

My favorite book recommendation: can I be super cheesy? Because my favorite books to read over and over are the "Twilight" books. I'm 13, I know. Whatever, they're awesome!

If I could only have one Sakura Bloom on a desert island, I'd have: Birch. It's the perfect neutral, and theory is so soft, supportive and breathable!

If you get me talking about my kids... you might as well cancel the rest of your day.

The name of my memoir would be: "And then she cleaned some more" No but really, I would hope it would be "A life well lived."

The top item on my bucket list is: Visit every baseball stadium in the US. So far I've been to 6.

If I could go anywhere in the world for a week, I'd choose: Cuba. My husband is Cuban (his parents came here from there) and has been there several times, and it sounds amazing. I would love for my kids to see their heritage.

Thank you so much for joining us for The Common Thread!


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