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The Common Thread // Anne

July 12, 2016

The Common Thread. A Sakura Bloom photo documentary celebrating the commonalities that we share through the capture of what makes us unique. 

We are excited today to introduce @annehilldesign, Anne Hill!

Name: Anne Hill

Kids + Ages: Eli (3), and Isabelle (1)

Where you live: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

What is unique about the wall you're standing in front of: As a graphic designer I just love the design on this awesome wall at one of our favorite ice cream spots in the city, @villageicecream

I spend 80% of my time: taking care of my adorable kids and 20% of my time: working for @mother.ly building a community for millennial moms.

The strangest thing I ever discovered in the bottom of my sling bag/purse was: mystery liquid... I'll just leave that here.

When I'm celebrating, you'll find me eating: ice cream and drinking: a diet coke.

Making pancakes on the weekend, I'm listening to: Taylor Swift #guilty

If I got pulled over for speeding, I'd most likely be listening to: old school gangsta rap (no shame in my game!)

If I could spend a month making the world a better place, I'd: volunteer to help refugees.

The most inspiring Instagram feed to follow is: @jennaskitchen

My top tip for a new parent: Trust your instincts because you know best!

My favorite book recommendation: Pride & Prejudice

If I could only have one Sakura Bloom on a desert island, I'd have: my Sakura Bloom Maple because it's light weight and strong and is my trusty go-to.

If you get me talking about: how cute my kids are you might as well cancel the rest of your day.

The name of my memoir would be: Peaks and Valleys (for the highs and lows of life)

The top item on my bucket list is: Take my husband to Florence, Italy to explore where I studied abroad.

If I could go anywhere in the world for a week, I'd choose: Iceland

Thank you so much for joining us for The Common Thread!

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